Target audiences are increasingly inured to conventional advertising. This is why we offer our support to develop campaigns that engage and motivate consumers in the local area. This is where we can be truly creative.


We identify needs and transform them into success.

Meetings, fairs, tours, conventions, official presentations.

Research, design, ideation and production of materials, location scouting, catering, personnel selection, inspection, and carrying out bureaucratic tasks, installation, dismantling, promotional gadgets and logistical aspects handled fully independently.


Professionals at the service of ideas.

Thanks to longstanding experience on the fairs circuit, in meetings and at indoor/outdoor events, our personnel can support clients with greeting services, hall management, participant registration, presenting and inviting guests to try products, including at large media events such as concerts, inaugurations or film screenings.

We can satisfy requests for specific language skills, physical features, or specific skillsets.


The route to standing out.

Street marketing is the perfect solution for companies looking to eschew traditional media circuits to achieve greater attention and engagement. We can develop and manage unconventional campaigns, implemented on the street with the support of a small number of vehicles and a select group of people, letting the consumer take centre stage. There are numerous benefits to this approach:

– incredibly extensive reach;
– strong and targeted messages;
– immediate satisfaction feedback.

We analyse the areas for our clients to target, selecting the streets frequented by the relevant target audience; we monitor flows to identify the time of day in which the message will be best received, and research timings for the individual areas. Direct feedback on satisfaction with the initiative allows us to act in real time based on the strengths and weaknesses identified during the promotion.


Unconventional but effective.

An alternative to the traditional means of communication that today benefits from a strong echo chamber effect on social media. Users discuss campaigns on forums, social networks or blogs, with these campaigns used by brands to build their visibility becoming part of users’ experiences.

It is an unconventional and low-cost strategy that can speak to the new independent, competent and demanding consumer, and engage a target audience that appreciates entertainment, surprise and the creative use of resources.