The Disciplinary Code is the set of disciplinary and conduct guidelines provided for in the Italian National Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This section sets out the essence of the disciplinary code applicable to all those within the remit of the CISAL Marketing national collective bargaining agreement. Specifically, the articles of the collective bargaining agreement concerning disciplinary breaches and sanctions are set out here below.


Trade has always invested its financial, human, and logistical resources in affirming the priority status of establishing a synergic relationship and partnership with its clients, to ensure flexible and dynamic, immediate and thorough solutions.

Trade has always invested in its human resources in order to establish and develop an ongoing relationship of transparency with all employees.

All activities engaged in by Trade in pursuit of its Mission must be accompanied and performed in accordance with the following general, yet fundamental, principles:

These fundamental principles and values in which Trade firmly and strongly believes are upheld by means of a series of tools, including the Disciplinary Code.

The latter represents a cornerstone of the Company, intended to identify the essential rules of conduct by which each worker must abide in order to properly perform their professional role.

Workers can consult the aforementioned Disciplinary Code in this section.