Operational marketing is a wonderful field, focused on the encounter between brands and consumers, an engaging experience that yields mutual satisfaction. Trade has been creating success stories for over 20 years, and is one of the key players in the Italian market.

We bring all our experience to each and every project, which we approach with professionalism and precision, and deliver the consultancy and operational services required to achieve any goal. Our exclusive methods and specialised structure, combined with dynamic instincts and project-based skills, are key to our enduring, trust-based relationships with the leading brands in Italian distribution. We offer a comprehensive range of services to engage the consumer with innovative operational marketing solutions and achieve tangible results for companies.

Founded in 2012, Trade is part of the international ASM Group. On 1 September 2018, Trade joined the trade association world, becoming a member of Confindustria Intellect and UNA (Italy’s United Communications Companies body), the most representative associations in the sector.

The new partnerships were entered into with a view to offering shared labour law solutions for the operational marketing sector, carrying out and disseminating market research and analysis, and monitoring industry trends and experiences. The partnership with UNA, in particular, has given rise to a new Hub dedicated to the retail sector.

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Trade is founded
Trade is acquired by the ASM GROUP
Trade is one of the leading field marketing companies in Italy
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